Fan Event 2024

Did you know Mr. Shatner has a special Fan Event during some Hollywood Charity Horse Show Events?

William Shatner Fans have a unique opportunity to attend a Fan Event on the Morning of the  2024 Hollywood Charity Horse Show event.

In order to attend you must have purchased a Hollywood Charity Horse Show Fan Club Dinner ticket to the event on Saturday June 1, 2024.  Don’t try and just purchase an event ticket – we compare purchases against the Dinner Ticket sales.  Your money will be refunded.

You can purchase your ticket here – choose the Fan Club Dinner Ticket option.  ($300)

Then head over to the William Shatner Store and order a ticket to the Fan Event ($100)

The Fan Event gives you the opportunity to meet Mr. Shatner and get TWO photos! with him: a One on One Photo of YOU and Mr. Shatner as well as inclusion in a group photo with Mr. Shatner.

During the event he will regale you with his latest projects and answer questions as well at maybe give you a story or two of things that have happened to him.

You can also purchase a specially priced autograph ticket and bring along an item for Mr. Shatner to sign.  Each ticket ($75.00) entitles you to one autograph on an item.  Want it’ personalized to you?  No problem.  Mr. Shatner will personalize and sign the item right in front of you!  To purchase an autograph ticket once you have purchased the Dinner and Fan Event Ticket go back to the link for the Fan Club Dinner Ticket and choose the number of autographs you want to purchase.  All monies for the autograph and dinner ticket will go to the charities supported by the Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

Once Mr. Shatner has signed all the items attendees have purchased we will do the One on One Photos of you seated next to Mr. Shatner. There are no barriers in between you and Mr. Shatner but we do encourage you to respect Mr. Shatner’s personal space.  (Photos will be available for download within a week of the event from online.)

Then we will do a group photo and the event will end.  We will pick back up a few hours later when the Charity Dinner Event activities start up.  You are free to watch the riding competition or go site seeing.

For those who attend conventions the price of the event itself is much less than one photo opportunity with Mr. Shatner and the price of autographs is 1/2 of those at conventions so you can get a few (and don’t forget you can get them personalized to you or the Shatner fan in your life!)   And best of all 100% of all autograph and dinner ticket money goes to charity!

Space is limited sign up today!

Event Location:  Burbank, CA

Time: Late Morning on Saturday June 1, 2024 (Rain or Shine)