For 2024 we are offering Cyber Sponsorships and Social Media Shout Outs.

Cyber Sponsorships:

Are you not located in Southern California?   No worries you or your company can still be a Cyber Sponsor of the 2024 Hollywood Charity Horse Show.  Mr. Shatner will Tweet or Post on his Facebook Page or Instagram (your choice) a personal thank you to you or your company along with a graphic (as below) which contains your name or company logo

This will potentially be seen by millions of his followers including many celebrity, well known people and media outlets.

Please put in the Notes Section on your order which Sponsorship platform you are purchasing (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.). If your company has an account on that platform please let us know so Mr. Shatner can tag you.

Cyber Sponsorships cost: $500 per post or tweet.  The format of the sponsorship announcement will be in the form of a graphic containing your Company Logo or Name:

Please send logo or names for the Sponsor Graphic in PNG, JPG or GIF format to Webmaster@WilliamShatner.com – please use the same email address as the order so we can match the logo to your order.

Logo sizes can be up to 850 pixels width by 500 pixels height.

Cyber Sponsor


Cyber Sponsorship Triple Threat – The Ultimate Deal:

You can have Cyber Sponsor Graphic placed on all THREE of Mr. Shatner’s Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for $1000!  If you use different handles/usernames for each platform please put in the Notes the platform name and the handle for each account.


Cyber Shout Outs On Twitter/X

Ever want to be given a shout out by Mr. Shatner? Here is your chance to do so. Mr. Shatner will do a Cyber Shout Out to you on Twitter/X. You may choose to be only mentioned by First Name and Initial of Last Name or by your Twitter Handle.

Accompanying the Tweet will be this graphic telling the world you are supporting the Hollywood Charity Horse Show with the Cyber Shout Out.

The cost of a Cyber Shout Out is $100.  The Tweet will contain this graphic to show the world that you donated to our charity.


Please put your Twitter Handle  you purchase the Cyber Shout Outin the Notes section of the Order Form. If you do not include that handle; Mr. Shatner will send the Shout Out to your First Name and Initial of your last name.

Cyber Shout Out


Mr. Shatner will unblocked your account on Twitter/X

Is your social media account blocked by Mr. Shatner due to an unfortunate event or misunderstanding?  You can have your personal, company’s or organization’s account unblocked by Mr. Shatner for a donation to his charity.  (Also will work for Facebook or Instagram – just let us know what the platform is in the notes on the Ticket purchase form.)

Unblock Account


Mr. Shatner will send one of his ecards to you or person you designate:

Mr. Shatner will send you or anyone you designate an emailed ecard from his American Greetings Smash Up. Just let Mr. Shatner know the person’s name (please check the American Greetings site for list of available names) the event (birthday, anniversary, parole, etc…) the recipient’s email address -even if it’s your own email address please enter it into the Notes box, along with the date (mm/dd US format) the card needs to arrive and he will compose a personal message to the recipient and send it. Cards can be scheduled up to one year in advance. Use the Notes area on the ticket purchase page for details or send an email to Webmaster@WilliamShatner.com with details about the person, why they are receiving the card, the event you want sent, the date it needs to be delivered by  along with their name and email.

For. a list of names and events the card can be sent for, please visit:the drop down page on https://bit.ly/NamesandEvents if the name of the person is not there you can opt for the name “YOU

Send an ecard


William Shatner Twitter/X Avatar Takeover for 1 hour during the day (Pacific Time)

Buy the ticket and send in the image and Mr. Shatner will change his TwitterThe takeover will occur during the hours of 8am through 7pm Pacific Time (GMT -8) and will last for one hour. If you include your twitter name in the email – Mr. Shatner will tag you in a tweet when the avatar gets changed.

Please see ticket page for details and what can and cannot be used as an avatar.

Avatar Takeover